About us


Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Jewellery ®

Award winning products made from broken and recycled skateboards.

Thrashion Ltd is a 100% skater own and run DIY business. We’ve been supporting the UK skateboarding industry since 2010 and in production since 2007.

Being skaters we know that skateboards are not just toys, and we take care to produce high end products that befit the life of a broken board. The items I make are created form broken skateboard decks, which are used in their original state, incorporating each scratch, sticker and ding to represent the character of the rider.

The decks and wheels are used in their original state and apart from being cut, sanded and finished, materials and waste are kept to a minimum. Being an eco friendly brand we take care to keep our carbon footprint as low as we can and ethically source all our materials from within the UK.

We are currently supplied with our skateboard decks from skateshops, skateparks, skate companies, pro skaters and friends. If you would like to donate please visit our donate page. 

Award winning

Thrashion has been internationally recognised with an Arts and Design Award Certificate of Excellence.


Other recent awards include an Ingenious Briton, 2013, Queen of the Board, 2012 and Small Business Sunday, 2011.

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These are just some of the questions we are asked...

Where did the idea come from?

I've been passionate about recycling for years, but I started Thrashion when I was pregnant with my little boy (now 8!) I found our old skateboards after clearing out the attic adn had a lightbulb moment. My first product was a bangle and this expanded to my current product range.

Where do you get the skateboards?

I am supplied by skate companies, distributors, pro skaters, local skate shops, local skate parks and friends. If you would like to donate please get in touch through the donate page.

How do you seal the product? 

Each item is coated with clear varnish which is applied by hand. The product is tested vigouously to ensure that it will last, the product is waterproof to a degree but its not advised to submerge the product as this will affect its longevity. 

Do you paint the designs on?

No paint has been added. The designs you see are the original graphics of the board. We love the thrashed elements of skateboards and incorporate this into the end product.

Will I see someone wearing the same thing?

Absolutely not! All items are one of a kind and unique.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Each item is surprisingly light and although made of wood are finished to a very smooth surface so there is absolutely no chance of splinters!


Why should people shop with you?

When you buy from Thrashion you aren't just buying a product you are buying into the lifestyle of the brand. Each item is absolutely unique and 100% handmade, the difference with my brand is the innovation as we only release items in limited runs so they are not available for long and we rarely re-release products so once they've gone they've gone, so you know you are buying something very unique. 

How eco friendly and sustainable is your working process?

I use every single piece of the skateboard that I can. I am always finding innovative ways to cut the boards to minimalise waste.

Do you gift wrap?

All my products come boxed in 100% recyclable cardboard gift boxes filled with 100% recycled natural paper shred.

Is it all about the jewellery? 

I've always done at least one charity or skate related project a year as I feel that giving back to the skateboarding industry is important. There are a lot of corporate businesses sucking the sole out of skateboarding and we believe that the creativity within the industry comes from independent skater owned businesses.
Our projects are built to highlight the talent within the skateboarding industry to a different audience but also to raise money for important skate related charities like Skateistan.