About us


Thrashion Recycled Skateboard Jewellery ®

Innovative products handmade from broken and recycled skateboards.

Thrashion Ltd is a 100% skater owned and run DIY business. We've been supporting and recycling the UK skateboarding industry since 2010 and have been in production since 2007.

We make jewellery, accessories and homewares from recycled skateboards which are used in their original state incorporating every scratch and ding to represent the character of the deck.

Being skaters we know that skateboards are not just a toy and we take great care to produce high end products that befit the life of the broken board.

We only use broken or used skateboards and where the board has come from is part of each product. The decks and wheels are used in their original state and apart from being cut, sanded and finished materials and waste is kept to a minimum.

We are currently supplied with our skateboard decks from skateshops, skateparks, skate companies, pro skaters and friends. If you would like to donate please visit our donate page.


Custom Orders

If you would like a custom order, don't hesitate to ask! We also make alot of other items that may not be shown here and are always wiling to try something new!

Free Stickers!

Every order sent out comes with free Thrashion stickers for your next sticker bombing session! 

Thrashion on instagram..

We love instagram! This is where we post images of our new products, progress photos, day to day activity and scenic images of our little daytrips in and around Cornwall. Step into our little world...

These are just some of the questions we are asked...

Where did the idea come from?

I've been passionate about recycling for years and started out making jewellery out of vinyl records but after tripping up over our old skateboard decks up the attic the cogs started ticking. At first I thought 'can I bare to cut them?' this was followed by 'what tools do I need?' which was then followed by 'oooh what can I make?!' My first product was a bangle and this expanded to my current product range.


Where do you get the skateboards?

I am supplied by skate companies, distributors, pro skaters, local skate shops, local skate parks and friends. If you would like to donate please get in touch through the donate page.

How do you seal the product? 

Each item is coated with clear varnish which is applied by hand. There is also the option of beeswax for those who would like a more natural finish.

Do you paint the designs on?

No paint has been added. The designs you see are the original graphics of the board. We love the thrashed elements of skateboards and incorporate this into the end product.

Will I see someone wearing the same thing?

Absolutely not! All items are one of a kind and unique.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Each item is surprisingly light and although made of wood are finished to a very smooth surface so there is absolutely no chance of splinters!

How eco friendly and sustainable is your working process?

I use every single piece of the skateboard that I can. I am always finding innovative ways to cut the boards to minimalise waste.

Do you gift wrap?

All my products come boxed in 100% recyclable cardboard gift boxes filled with 100% recycled natural paper shred.

Is it all about the jewellery? 

No, not at all! We do project based charity work too!! We are always looking at new and innovative ways to raise money for charity and work with Pro Skaters and Skate Companies to build projects that reach wide audiences. For information on the current project we are supporting please click here.